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Abstract Artist | Guillermo Arismendi

Steve Johnson

My work is the result of years of searching for my own personal expression. The creative process is a permanent dialog with the artworks, allowing them to appear as freely as possible. It gives me the possibility to rescue old memories, hopes, and fears, as well as unexpected parts of myself. 

I owe to music and dance the colors and movements I depict in my paintings. The choreography of colors and lines, the spontaneity in gestures and palettes, are all guided by a non-verbal state of mind. The beauty of mathematics also inspires my sense of accuracy and discipline. It serves as a counterpoint of the wildest instincts in the act of creation. No restrictions are in place but the synergy between chaos and order. The result I try to achieve is a work that speaks for itself with its own voice, sending a message of freedom and closeness with the viewer, who is invited to complete it.”

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